About us

Hoshuko Alumni Association, Inc. (HAA) is a non-profit alumni organization incorporated in 2004, consisting of students who have attended any “hoshuko” within the United States. Hoshuko is a Japanese School supported by the Japanese government, which children from K-12 attend on weekends in addition to their American School English curriculum. Our purpose is to create a network among alumni members of the Japanese Weekend Schools (補習校) and to develop those relationships through social & academic events. We always have open arms to those who have experienced this hoshuko culture – please join us!






Please note: The board of directors are involved with the Hoshuko Alumni Association on a volunteer basis.

The Hoshuko Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
All charitable donations made to us are federally tax deductible.

The Board of Directors for the Hoshuko Alumni Association, Inc. are:

Jasmine Maika Wilson

President, HAA USA

Fumi Shiba
Maiko Kyogoku
Daiki Nakajima
Tomonori Tsujita
Kaoru Utada

President, HAA Japan

Mimi Tsuruga

Founder & Advisor